Trivia …why in a Maths environment?

We include many Trivia-type items on your timeline – why do you think this is done?Well, you need to understand that Mathematics is much more than the numbers and the variables.

Firstly, maths is about learning how to think – analytical, logical…learning how to transform a problem into a problem statement, that can then be solved!This has obvious consequences for all the other subjects – in fact, we have found that most students’ marks in other subjects start picking up once their confidence in maths gets a boost.

Secondly, though, the questions is: If maths helps you with all the other subjects, what will help in Maths?  The answer is, learning how to ask questions!


This may sound obvious and simple enough, but it isn’t always the case. Do you know how many times we hear that questions are just not answered in school anymore? There are many reasons for that, and it may be a blog for another day, but unless learners can get used to the idea that it is OK to ask questions, they might always battle with their mathematics.

What does this have to do with the Trivia posts?

If you think about it, the ability to ask questions has another word for it: “Research“. If you know how to, are are not afraid to do research, the sky is the limit for your knowledge-horizon!


…and this is why we include Trivia posts inside a Mathematical environment. It is just some interesting facts that we pick up here and there, but it is intended to stimulate the desire to learn more.

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